A Better RoutePlanner (ABRP) now available on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store

If you’ve ever tried to plan a long distance road trip in your Tesla, chances are you’ve used the website ‘A Better Routeplanner’ to help plan your trip. The problem was it was only available on your desktop computer or mobile devices browser, which made for a clunky user experience when actually out on the road.

Just in time for Christmas, that problem has finally been solved, as they have now released app that is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. It should be noted that according to the developers the app is still in a beta phase and is not fully functional. However, in our tests of the new app, it worked pretty well and is definitely a worthy addition to your mobile device.

When first opening up the app, you have to select your vehicle. After configuring your Tesla vehicle in the app, you can either allow the app to determine your current location using the mobile device’s GPS, or enter in your location manually. Then you enter your destination, and using the default app settings, it calculates the best route for you, showing you eah charging stop along the way, including how long you will need to charge at each stop.

The settings in the app is where ABRP shows off it’s power and usefulness. You can set a departure state of charge (SOC), enter in your expected consumption and reference speed(e.g., 160Wh/km @ 110km/h), road and weather conditions (e.g., rain, snow, wind speed, temperature), and also add on any extra weight for passengers and cargo, all which can impact your efficiency and therefore range.

To download the app onto your mobile device, use the links below.

Apple App Store
Google Play Store

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