Tesla’s Giga Berlin Train Officially Launched

Tesla’s train at Giga Berlin has officially launched. It will run about 60 times a day, transporting thousands of employees every day. The train is also available for free use by citizens.

Since Monday, Tesla has been taking its employees by train from Erkner directly to the Giga Berlin building. The factory is now served by its own train from the state rail network. The first shuttle arrived at the new depot at the Tesla site in Grünheide (Oder-Spree) early Monday morning, where a grand event took place. Now, the train will run almost 60 times a day from Monday to Friday. As a result, more than 1,500 employees are delivered directly to the factory premises for a shift change.

Initially, Niederbarnimer Eisenbahn GmbH (NEB) took over running the train until the end of the year. After learning negotiations, an agreement between the carrier and Tesla was reached. The contract between the two parties is active until the end of the year. “We need to see how we can get resources next year,” a NEB spokesman said.

The Tesla train is free and anyone can use it. It is intended to replace the existing bus service between Erkner and the plant. Meanwhile, the service should free up the route traffic from the village of Fangschleise and car traffic around the town of Erkner. The Department of Construction and Transport of the State of Brandenburg approved the launch of the shuttle in February.

The location for Giga Berlin was chosen thanks to thoughtful and balanced decisions. One of the important factors was the fact that a railway line passes through the territory of the factory, connecting the Freienbrink industrial area with the rest of the tracks. Tesla took advantage of this as intelligently as possible.

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