Elon Musk re-opens Tesla Fremont factory against county orders, may lead to his arrest

Tesla Fremont
Credit: Dai Sugano /Bay Area News Group

The saga around Tesla’s Fremont factory continued this afternoon, with Elon Musk announcing on Twitter he has re-opened the factory against county orders, and in doing so is prepared to be arrested.

For much of the morning, there were reports that the parking lots at the factory were full of vehicles with employees returning to work. There were also several trailers loaded with vehicles leaving the plant, while the staging areas were also full of Model 3’s ready to be transported to their new owners.

Tesla Fremont May 11
Image via Noe Arribas

Musk have been boosted by some early morning support from US Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin, who said during an interview on CNBC that the state should be working with Tesla to reopen the factory as quickly as possible.

Later in the morning, California governor Gavin Newsom also showed his support for reopening the Fremont factory, saying during a news conference he hopes to work with Tesla and Alameda County to come to a resolution in the coming days.

This is a developing story, stay tuned for updates…

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