Tesla’s Dog Mode not working in 2024.20.1, fix coming soon

Tesla owners should be aware that there is a bug in the latest 2024.20.1 software update that is causing Dog Mode to not work properly, creating a potentially dangerous situation and putting your pets at risk in hot weather.

Tesla’s Dog Mode is a feature designed to keep pets safe and comfortable when left inside a parked vehicle. Activated via the car’s touchscreen, Dog Mode maintains a comfortable cabin temperature and displays a message on the screen informing passersby that the pet is safe and the owner will return soon.

The feature also integrates with the Tesla mobile app, allowing owners to monitor and adjust the interior temperature remotely, and check in on their pets through the interior cabin camera.

However, the 2024.20.1 software update has broken Dog Mode, and it may not be immediately apparent to owners. We have received one confirmed report, and there have been multiple reports from owners on social media that they have been able to activate Dog Mode and that the screen shows the appropriate messaging, as if the feature is working as designed.

However, the cabin temperature is not being maintained after they leave the vehicle, and depending on the outside temperature, can get dangerously hot in only a matter of minutes.

The car does send a notification to the Tesla mobile app saying “Problem with Dog Mode – Return to Car Immediately,” but depending on when you receive the notification, and if you actually notice it, your pet could quickly be in a dangerous situation.

Tesla is aware of the bug causing Dog Mode to not work properly, and is calling it a “known characteristic of current firmware.” The company is working on a fix, but there is currently no estimate for when it will be ready and deployed to the fleet.

Until that time, we recommend not relying on Dog Mode and instead leaving your pets at home, or if you have to bring them in the car, taking them with you and not leaving them behind.

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