Apple and Rivian Reportedly in Talks Over Potential Partnership

Apple and Rivian are reportedly in discussions over a potential partnership. The details of the potential partnership have not been revealed, but could range from software to even the revival of the now-cancelled Apple Car.

In 2014 Apple embarked on a secretive automotive project known as “Project Titan.” Although this project was recently shelved, it seems Apple’s ambition to make a mark in the EV space has not waned. The potential collaboration, hinted at in a report from DigiTimes, suggests that Apple is exploring the possibility of merging its research in autonomous and electric vehicle technologies with Rivian’s manufacturing capabilities and automotive expertise.

While nothing has been officially confirmed by either company, Rivian could benefit immensely from Apple’s involvement, which could provide the necessary capital and technological edge to scale production and enhance its software capabilities.

For Apple, this move would represent a significant step into the automotive industry, allowing it to deploy its advanced technologies in real-world applications beyond personal computing and mobile devices.

The collaboration could range from co-developing a new vehicle to integrating Apple’s technology into Rivian’s existing and future models, including the R2 and R3.

The timing of these rumors is interesting, with Rivian’s upcoming earnings call later today. However, it is unlikely the automaker will be ready to announce anything at this stage.

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