Tesla’s 2022.24.5 software update includes a few useful undocumented changes, including one that hints at the launch of an app store

Tesla has recently deployed their latest software update, 2022.24.5, and with it brought several new features that were not included in the release notes. One of the undocumented changes gives us a hint that Tesla could be preparing to launch their own app store soon.

The new undocumented features were uncovered by Twitter user @Eric5un and shared by update tracker Not A Tesla App.

You can check out the full release notes for 2022.24.5 here.

Uninstall Games

With the latest update owners can now free up internal storage space and uninstall games from the Tesla Arcade. When accessing the games from the Arcade you can see how much space each one takes up, and if you don’t plan on using the game again there is now an “uninstall” button.

We have not yet been able to confirm if the game then disappears completely from the Arcade, or if there is an option to reinstall it after it has been deleted.

For reference, the onboard storage on a Tesla equipped with MCU2 is 64GB, while those with MCU3 cars have 256GB, so uninstalling a game won’t have a big impact on the performance of your onboard computer.

However, this addition could be a precursor to the launch of the rumoured Tesla app store where you can download and install apps from Tesla and third-party developers directly to your car.

An app store has not yet been publicly confirmed by Tesla, but several sources have said one has been in development since around May 2021 and could launch this year.

Tire Pressure

Tesla has also changed the way they display tire pressures. With the update your vehicle now shows the last known tire pressure, and the time it was last read. This will be helpful in knowing if the sensor readings are current or have yet to update on a new drive.

Another useful addition is a listing of the recommended cold tire pressure for your car.

Turn Signals

A more minor update is the placement of the turn signals has moved above the regenerative braking line on the main display. This is to allow more space for the blind spot camera, which has now moved to the top of the screen for better visibility.

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