Tesla shares first glimpse of next-gen vehicle, teases two new cars coming soon

Tesla is holding their 2023 Annual Shareholder meeting at Giga Texas today, and during the Q&A section of the event CEO Elon Musk shared the first glimpse of the company’s next-generation vehicle.

For several years now there have been rumours of Tesla starting the design of its next-generation vehicle, which is expected to be smaller and more affordable than the current generation of vehicles. Although it has yet to be officially announced, fans have come up with several nicknames for it like the Model 2, Model Q, or the $25K Tesla.

While there was no official announcement at the shareholder meeting, with Musk saying there will be a dedicated unveiling in the future, Tesla did reveal the first glimpse of the next-gen EV, a silhouette of what appears to be a hatchback design very similar to the Model Y, but as has been previously suggested, will be smaller than the electric SUV.

However Musk also revealed there is a second vehicle also being worked on.

“We are actually building a new product, we are actually designing a new product, we’re not sitting on our hands here. There are two new products that I think you will be very excited about. Both the design of the products and the manufacturing techniques are head and shoulders above anything else that is present in the industry.”

Musk did not provide any further details on the second next-generation vehicle, but did say that the company will probably produce in excess of 5 million units per year of both vehicles combined. We already know the first next-generation vehicle will first be built at Giga Mexico, with Tesla taking learnings from setting up that production line to bring it to their other global factories at a later stage.

You can watch a replay of the shareholder meeting below.

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