Tesla welcomes SDG&E customers to Virtual Power Plant in San Diego

Tesla’s energy business expands as it opens the door to more customers on its Virtual Power Plant (VPP) program. San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) customers can now join the platform and make money from their home battery energy storage.

SDG&E earlier announced its customers can now help balance grid demand during spikes. Their household backup batteries and smart devices will supply power to the grid during “demand response” events. (via Electrek)

Demand responses will let battery owners sell their stored energy at higher prices. This nets them a profit as the energy is stored when the tariff is low or normal. SDG&E has had 17 demand responses since it began running a pilot service last December.

It is important to note that Tesla’s and SDG&E’s VPPs are different platforms, even though they perform the same functions and operate in the same area.

Tesla’s VPP has grown in California, where it can access at least 50 MW or the equivalent of an average gas peaker plant. Intending Powerwall owners can join the program through the Tesla app used to manage the batteries. They will see their estimated revenue based on their battery capacity and usage. However, they can maximize their potential gains through the settings.

VPPs have risen to the occasion during hot weather events such as heat waves, which cause a spike in energy demand. Powerwall owners in Houston and Dallas can also get on Tesla’s VPP.

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