Tesla updates website to add Powerwall pricing for Canada

Tesla has updated its website to add Powerwall pricing in Canada. While the Powerwall is still unavailable to purchase directly from Tesla and requires you to go through a certified third-party installer, the prices add some transparency to the purchasing process.

Tesla first launched Powerwall in 2015, and over the years have improved its design and capabilities, most recently announcing Powerwall 3 that will become available in the US starting next year. Despite being available for eight years, Tesla has yet to officially expand its availability to Canadians through its website, even though it is available in numerous other countries around the world. Instead potential customers have to find a certified third-party installer to purchase the home energy storage battery from.

Earlier this summer Tesla updated its website to make it easier to purchase, adding an online form where you could submit your information and a certified installer, if there was one in their area, would contact you with pricing and availability.

Credit: Tesla

While you still can’t purchase Powerwall directly from Tesla, you can now at least see Powerwall pricing on their website.

  • 1 Powerwall – $9,700
  • 2 Powerwalls – $19,400
  • 3 Powerwalls – $29,100

The Gateway, which allows you to monitor, control, and update your Powerwall through the Tesla mobile app, costs $1,200. When combined, the company says a single Powerwall and Gateway will cost $10,900.

These prices are about the same when compared to the US, where a single Powerwall and Gateway costs US$8,400, or C$11,508. However Tesla does add an asterisks next to each price in Canada, which states that they do not include “other costs and fees,” and that final pricing is set by the certified installer.

One prominent certified installer with several locations across the country is Shift Energy Group. According to their website, they add about 20% to the listed price for Powerwall, and 38% for the Gateway.

  • 1 Powerwall – $11,600
  • Gateway – $1,660

While prices for Powerwall have been added to the website, Tesla has not added any new information for their solar products, which still remain unavailable in Canada, despite promises from CEO Elon Musk they would be launching in 2021.

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