Tesla Triumphs as Antitrust Lawsuit Alleging Repair Monopoly is Dismissed

Tesla has emerged victorious in an antitrust lawsuit that alleged the automaker monopolized the markets for vehicle repair and replacement parts. The lawsuit was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Trina Thompson, ruling that the plaintiffs failed to prove that they were coerced into using Tesla’s maintenance and parts services.

The initial complaint highlighted that Tesla owners were unable to choose between original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or third-party parts for their electric vehicles, subjecting owners to high prices and extended wait times. Additionally, the lawsuit alleged they could not opt for repairs at independent auto shops or dealerships.

However, Judge Thompson emphasized that they were unable to demonstrate that Tesla forced them to use its products or services solely because they had purchased their cars from the company. (via Reuters)

The judge pointed out that the complaint did not allege that consumers were unaware of the purportedly high prices and long wait times associated with Tesla’s repairs. While acknowledging allegations of misinformation about the maintenance needs of Tesla electric vehicles, Judge Thompson noted that customers did not claim ignorance of the challenges they might face.

The dismissal of the antitrust lawsuit extended to claims made under California’s consumer protection statutes. Customers have the option to update their complaints, as the judge suggested that they may amend their complaint, which consolidates five lawsuits covering drivers who have paid for Tesla repairs and parts since March 2019.

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