Tesla adds new ‘Ultra Red’ paint option for Model S and Model X

Tesla has finally introduced a new paint colour available out of their Fremont factory. Called ‘Ultra Red’ the new paint is only available as an option on the Model S and Model X.

Tesla has offered the same colour pallette on their Design Studio for all cars built at the Fremont factory in California for a number of years. While there have been some changes as to which colour is standard and which cost extra, the five colours have remained the same.

Two new colours were finally introduced last year, Midnight Cherry Red and Quicksilver, but both are only available on the Model Y built at Giga Berlin thanks to its advanced Paint Shop.

While CEO Elon Musk has said those colours won’t be coming to North America, he has promised at least some new colours for Fremont, and tonight Tesla has done just that introducing a new ‘Ultra Red’ paint option tonight for the Model S and Model X.

Just like the Multi-Coat Red which came before it (and is no longer available on the S/X), Ultra Red is the most expensive paint option at $4,000 CAD or $3,000 USD, up from the previous $3,000 CAD or $2,500 USD for Multi-Coat Red. (h/t: @BrandonTSLA)

Tesla doesn’t provide any details on what is different with the new red paint, but a comparison between the old and the new colours using the slider below shows Ultra Red is darker and more vibrant the Multi-Coat Red. (Ultra Red on the left, Multi-Coat Red on the right).

When compared to Midnight Cherry Red from Giga Berlin the new Ultra Red is not as dark.


Multi-Coat Red is still available on the Model 3/Y from Fremont. There have been no changes to the other paint colours, either in terms of prices or options, and Pearl White Multi-Coat is still the standard paint option on all Tesla vehicles in North America.

With customers now able to order Ultra Red we could start seeing the first cars painted in this colour later this month as the Design Studio estimates deliveries in March 2023.

UPDATE 11:43pm PT: Fremont is already producing Ultra Red. 14 Model X SUVs spotted at the test track yesterday in the new colour in this drone flyover.

Here are some additional high-resolution photos of Ultra Red that were added to the Model S product page. Let us know in the comments below what you think of this new colour.

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