Tesla offering discounted Supercharger rates in California this weekend

Tesla owners hitting the road in California this weekend may be able to enjoy big discounts when filling up their cars at a Supercharger.

In a note sent through the Tesla mobile app to owners in California this morning, the automaker is offering even cheaper time of day charging rates at select Supercharger locations.

Tesla Supercharger discount rates
Image via The Kilowatts (@klwts) /Twitter

As you can see from the message, which was first spotted by @sacramentotesla, if you pull up to a Supercharger this Saturday or Sunday before 9:00am or after 9:00pm, you will only be charged $0.09/kWh. That is a significant discount, as much as 65% lower than the rates typically seen at many Superchargers in the Golden State.

Earlier this year we reported on the implementation of time of day Supercharger rates, which saw rates broken down into three different time periods. The cheapest time to charge, which is most of the day except 4:00pm to 9:00pm, is priced at $0.26/kWh.


It is unknown at this time why Tesla is trying out massively discounted rates for this weekend only. Since the automaker already has time of day rates implemented at many stations in California, it likely isn’t because the utility provider is offering a cheaper rate during those hours.

So far these time of day pricing structures have only appeared in the US, and no Canadian Supercharger stations have been impacted.

Would Supercharger rates as low as this tempt you to charge during these off-peak time periods? Why do you think rates are being discounted like this? Let us know in the comments below.

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