Tesla’s Supercharger network monitoring tool allows for near perfect up-time

Tesla has long touted the reliability of its expansive Supercharger network, which according to at least one analyst has become worth more than $100 billion. That reliability comes from being able to monitor the entire network in real-time at extreme detail, from Supercharger stations down to each individual connector, and Tesla recently shared a glimpse of this tool for the first time.

Through first-hand experience Tesla owners have known just how reliable the Supercharger network is as it is a rare occurrence to pull up to station to find one or more stalls out or order, let alone the entire station. According to the most recent update from Tesla on the network’s reliability, Superchargers are working and available a near perfect 99.95% of the time. Tesla is able to achieve this high level of reliability by developing a tool that allows them to see at a glance how many Supercharger posts are experiencing issues, in real-time.

This tool has never been seen before, but in a video released on Friday the company shared a brief glimpse of it, showing just how much data Tesla has access to, and why automakers are deciding to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) to gain access to the Supercharger network.

Although we don’t get to see much, we can see the tool allows the user to pan and zoom on a map, and based on the current view, the data updates automatically to show things like how busy stations are, how many have wait times, how many have stalls that are out of order, how many are completely offline, and more. From the brief glimpse we do get we can see that just 2 of the 2,137 “in view” Superchargers are offline in Canada, the US, and Mexico.

From a Canadian perspective we can also see that a number of station around Vancouver, British Columbia and Toronto, Ontario are quite busy, along with two locations just outside of Calgary, Alberta. Aside from that congestion it appears at the time this video was taken the entire Canadian Supercharger network was up and running, something which other EV charging networks in Canada would love to be able to say.

In a second follow-up video released on Monday Tesla explains that they are able to use this data and deploy technicians to repair and replace parts as soon as the need arises. This compares to other EV charging networks that rely on customer complaints to find out a charging station is down, and then taking months to deploy a repair team to fix the issue.

You can watch the video from last week below, which talks about the Trip Planner, and another one that Tesla released on Monday about the 99.95% uptime at Superchargers.

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