Tesla stops providing key fobs with new Model S and Model X deliveries

Ever since Tesla launched the Model S in 2012 and the Model X in 2015, both of the electric vehicles have come with key fobs as standard equipment, giving owners the option to carry around a physical “key” instead of using the mobile device to access their vehicles.

That has now changed, and new owners of Tesla’s flagship vehicles will have to pay extra for the accessory.

According to one of our readers who took delivery of a Model S earlier this week and who did not receive a key fob, he was informed by his Delivery Advisor that the change is effective for deliveries made after July 1, 2022.

We have since been able to confirm the change with others, but it appears as though since it is still in the early stages of the transition some new owners are still receiving the key fob.

As with the removal of the passenger lumbar support in the Model 3 and Model Y last year and more recently with the Mobile Connector, Tesla explained in an internal employee email that their statistics showed the majority of owners use their mobile device as their key, and that no longer offering the key fob as standard equipment would cut down on e-waste.

New deliveries still come standard with two key cards.

If you really want or need a key fob, you can still purchase them on the Tesla Shop, available for $175 USD or $225 CAD each.

Let us know in the comments below if your recent Model S or Model X delivery included key fobs.

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