Tesla still holds massive lead in US EV registrations in 2022, extends lead in luxury segment

For years critics have been saying the competition is coming and the end is near for Tesla. However, the latest registration data shows the Texas-based automaker is still the king when it comes to sales in the US, and the competition is not even close.

In the first eight months of the year Tesla has been able to accumulate 298,383 registrations in the US according to data compiled by Experian. Broken down by vehicle, Tesla took the top two spots in the 10 best selling EV list in the US with the Model Y being the most popular at 134,978 units registered.

The Model 3 followed close behind in second place with 123,634 units registered through August.

The Model S and Model X are the fourth and fifth most popular EVs with 20,032 and 19,739 units registered between January and September 2022. (via Automotive News)

When it comes to the competition, only the Ford Mustang Mach-E was able to break up Tesla’s attempt at taking the top four spots. Ford’s electric SUV came in third with 25,956 units registered.

Showing just how much of a lead Tesla has when it comes to EVs, if you add up all other automakers in the top 10, their cumulative sales are still nearly 50,000 units behind the Model Y just by itself.

Tesla is also still dominating the luxury segment, which includes internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles. Tesla’s 298,383 registrations is nearly 90,000 units ahead of second place BMW which has 211,118 registrations in the same time period.

That is a 54% increase for Tesla compared to last year, while BMW saw their registrations drop by 11%.

While Tesla is the dominant player in the US EV market, other automakers are starting to make strides, but are still hampered by limited production.

Overall EV registrations have increased 56% year-over-year (YoY), and through August now account for 5% of the market for US light-vehicle total registrations, a new record. Last year this figure was just 2.6%.

That increase in thanks in part to 22 legacy automakers which have introduced 15 EV models since 2021 and another 8 in 2022. Data from Experian shows non-Tesla EVs grew by 61% in the first eight months of 2022 to 160,043 registrations.

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