Tesla Cybertruck ambient lighting and front bumper camera view revealed in latest sighting

With the ever increasing number of Cybertruck sightings in recent weeks, we are getting our first look at some of the features that will be coming with the electric pickup truck. In one of those sightings in Austin, Texas on Wednesday, we got got confirmation on two features – ambient lighting and the front bumper camera.

The news of a front bumper camera on the Cybertruck is nothing new, as that was first discovered on the original prototype first unveiled in 2019 and has since all but been confirmed as coming on the Cybertruck with HW4. What is new in this sighting however is that we got our first glimpse of the view from this new camera.

The Cybertruck was spotted at a drive-thru restaurant in Austin by Redditor u/ThrowAwayBarista69, who was able to snap several photos of it waiting in line. In one of them we can see the main display has all of the camera views on, with the main view being that from the front bumper. With the addition of the new view, it also looks like Tesla now puts the other three views – side repeaters and rear camera, in a row underneath.

The other feature that was seen is new, but something we expected would be coming with the Cybertruck – ambient lighting. In this particular sighting the Cybertruck’s ambient lighting was red, but this will likely be customizable to an array of different colours. We can see it wraps around the entire vehicle, along the dash and the top of the door cards. There is also a line across the screen, which is a reflection, indicating the ambient lighting also goes around the rear part of the cabin.

This also all but confirms rumours that the Project Highland Model 3 refresh will also feature ambient lighting like this.

News around the Cybertruck has been building to all-time highs. Also on Wednesday CEO Elon Musk showed off a production candidate Cybertruck, and the company also started giving out invitations to the Cybertruck delivery event through the referral program. While invitations are now being handed out, there is still no confirmed date for the event, but if the previously announced timeline is still in place, it could happen next month.

Spotted at Austin Raising Canes
by u/ThrowAwayBarista69 in cybertruck


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