Elon Musk excels as perfume salesman selling 30,000 bottles of Burnt Hair in one week

Elon Musk may have found his calling as a perfume salesman. One week after announcing sales of Burnt Hair, the limited edition fragrance sold through The Boring Company’s website is now sold out.

On October 11 Musk turned a tweet joke into reality by launching “the finest fragrance on Earth,” described as being “Just like leaning over a candle at the dinner table, but without all the hard work.”

Despite no one having actually smelled the fragrance and a relatively high price of $100 US or $140 CAD (before shipping), sales were brisk with over 10,000 bottles sold in the first five hours the perfume was available.

On Tuesday night Musk announced on Twitter that the number had grown to 28,700 bottles sold, leaving just 1,300 bottles remaining of the 30,000 that are going to be made.

Just over two hours later and it was officially sold out, with the product page being removed from The Boring Company’s website.

With 30,000 bottles sold, Musk was able to turn a joke in $3 million in revenue in the space of a few weeks.

It will still be a while before anyone is able to mist themselves with Burnt Hair. The product isn’t scheduled to start shipping until some time in Q1 2023.

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