Tesla releases new and improved yoke, replacements to begin in March

Tesla has finally started delivering the new and improved steering yoke for the Model S and Model X. The new yoke comes months after it was supposed to be released, and after numerous revisions to its design that were supposed to prevent the peeling that has plagued the steering since its launch.

The new yoke also comes with a physical airbag horn, more than two years after Elon Musk said it would be coming soon.

Drive Tesla reported last year on how owners of the refresh Model S and Model X have been dealing with peeling yoke steering wheels, with it sometimes occurring as soon as within a month or two of taking delivery. For their part, Tesla did offer goodwill replacements within warranty, but it was simply a replacement of the same yoke with the same materials and build quality, which naturally didn’t stop the issue from recurring.

Tesla did try to correct the issue, coming up with numerous revisions to the design, but none of them prevented the peeling. The company then started informing owners last summer that a new and improved yoke was coming in July, postponing replacements until it was available, but that date came and went without one being released.

That has finally changed, with the new yoke now being included on newly delivered Model S and Model X cars. The new yoke first appeared in late January, and we can clearly see the improved materials and stitching that should prevent the peeling once and for all, as you can see in these photos shared with us by @TeslaLisa on X.

With its release, existing owners with outstanding replacements pending are naturally wondering when they can finally get their new yoke. Tesla Service says replacements should begin in March, but no appointments are being scheduled yet until its availability is confirmed, according to a screenshot of a conversation with a service employee shared by James Locke (@arctechinc).

As we noted, this new steering yoke also include a physical airbag horn. This first appeared last month, first on the round steering wheel option. Unfortunately, even though Elon Musk said all Model S/X cars built since November 2021 had a “push center horn,” and were simply waiting on a software update to activate it, it looks you will have to purchase the parts and pay Tesla Service to complete a retrofit.

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