Tesla recalls 127,785 Model 3’s in China due to rear motor defect

Tesla issued a massive recall of 127,785 Model 3’s in China due to a rear motor inverter defect.

As per the State Administration for Market Regulation site, the recall is due to “slight manufacturing differences in the power semiconductor components of the rear motor inverters.”

If the inverter fails while the car is in park, it will not be able to start. If the failure happens while the vehicle is moving, the vehicle will lose driving power.

Tesla is offering an over-the-air update to better monitor the rear inverter. Tesla is replacing the rear motor free of charge for owners who have a fault.

Interestingly, the complaints around the Model 3 are similar to the complaints we have seen from some Model Y owners.

However, for those in North America, there may be a recall coming soon.

The reason for this is simple, of the 127,785 vehicles included in the recall, 93,578 are from Giga Shanghai, and 34,207 were from Tesla’s Fremont factory.

The affected vehicles were produced between January 11, 2019, to January 25, 2022.

We have not seen a National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Transport Canada recall or warning yet.

We will continue to monitor if a Model 3 or a Model Y recall comes down later this week.

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