Tesla Powerwall 3 now available in Canada

Tesla has officially launched sales of its Powerwall 3 in Canada. The launch of sales in Canada comes just three months after the Powerwall 3 became available in the United States.

The official Tesla Energy account on X announced the availability of the Powerwall 3 in Canada on Wednesday. According to Tesla’s website, the price of “1 Powerwall” is C$10,974. This price does not include tax, delivery, installation, or any other costs of fees. While the website doesn’t specify this is for a Powerwall 3, this pricing is a little over C$1,000 higher than late last year when a single Powerwall cost C$9,700.

Two Powerwall units will cost C$21,588, and 3 Powerwall units will set you back C$32,382. Whether you buy 1 unit or 3, you will also be required to buy 1 Gateway, which costs C$1,165.

The Powerwall 3, first launched in the US in February, is designed to store energy and provide homeowners with a reliable backup during power outages, reducing dependency on the traditional power grid. The Powerwall 3 has more storage capacity than its predecessors, now boasting a capacity of 13.5 kWh.

In addition to the increased capacity, the Powerwall 3 also features a higher power output. The system can deliver up to 7 kW of peak power and 5 kW of continuous power, making it capable of handling more significant loads and supporting more devices simultaneously.

This is particularly beneficial for Canadian homes, which often have higher energy demands due to heating requirements during the cold winter months.

Tesla has also focused on improving the efficiency and durability of the Powerwall 3. The battery system now comes with an integrated inverter, which simplifies the installation process and enhances overall efficiency. The Powerwall 3 is designed to operate in a wide range of temperatures, from -20°C to 50°C, making it well-suited for the Canadian climate.

The Powerwall 3 is equipped with advanced monitoring and control features, accessible through the Tesla app. Homeowners can now track their energy consumption, solar production, and battery status in real-time, allowing for more informed energy management decisions. The system also supports time-based control, enabling users to optimize energy usage according to peak and off-peak rates.

Tesla’s entry into the Canadian market with the Powerwall 3 comes at a time when the demand for renewable energy solutions is on the rise. With the federal government offering various incentives for solar installations and energy storage systems, the Powerwall 3 is poised to become a popular choice among Canadian homeowners.

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