Tesla plans to deliver 500,000 vehicles in 2020, and they should be able to achieve that easily

Tesla has updated their delivery expectations for 2020 in their Q4 earnings report, and it should be a banner year for the automaker.

Currently, Tesla has the capacity at its Fremont factory to build 90,000 Model S/X vehicles, and 400,000 Model 3/Y vehicles, which will increase to 500,000 as Model Y production ramps up during 2020.

Just on the production out of Fremont alone, Tesla would reach their 500,000 delivery target. But of course, Tesla also now has Giga Shanghai, which currently has production capacity of 150,000 Model 3 vehicles. During 2020, plans call for increasing production capacity of the Model 3, while also adding capacity for Model Y production, which is expected to be equal to Model 3 production.

Tesla production capacity

Add in Tesla’s plans to begin limited production of Tesla Semi’s, and Tesla could easily deliver 700,000-800,000 vehicles in 2020. And with Tesla already having broken ground on Giga Berlin and expecting the first deliveries from that factory to begin in 2021, the future is very bright for Tesla.


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