Tesla Model 3 Performance deliveries delayed in Canada

Tesla is delaying deliveries of the Model 3 Performance in Canada, with some customers seeing their estimated delivery date extended as far into the future as November.

Tesla launched sales of the Model 3 Performance in April, more than four months after brining the new Model 3 to North America. In somewhat of a surprise move, Tesla decided to import the Model 3 Performance into Canada from China, instead of bringing them up from the US.

This not only meant Canadians would be getting a Model 3 Performance with slightly different specs, it also meant Canadians would have to wait a little longer to receive the car. Buyers in the US were told to expect to receive their car in one month, compared to buyers in Canada, who were told to expect deliveries to begin in June.

While Tesla’s website is now showing July as an estimated delivery date for new orders, a Drive Tesla reader who placed their order on the first day sales launched has seen their delivery window get pushed back to between August 31 and October 12.

Daniel isn’t the only customer who has seen their delivery window extend into the future. Multiple customers on the TMC forums have reported seeing the same in their account. The latest delivery window we could find ends on November 23, while the earliest starts on July 17.

The delay is likely due to a delayed start of production of the new Model 3 Performance at Giga Shanghai. It was only in mid-May that Tesla filed for regulatory approval of the electric sedan in China. Then earlier this month Tesla announced in a post on the social media platform Weibo that the first deliveries in China are expected in mid-June.

Do you have a Model 3 Performance order in Canada? Has your delivery window shifted? Let us know in the comments below, or email us at tips@driveteslacanada.ca.

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