Rivian Adds iOS Live Activities to Mobile App

Rivian has introduced a handy feature in the latest update for its iPhone app. The update, version 2.7.0, integrates support for iOS 16’s Live Activities feature, allowing users to monitor their vehicle’s charging status directly from their iPhone in real-time, making EV charging more manageable and user-friendly.

With the new app update, Rivian owners can now enjoy real-time updates on their vehicle’s charging progress, visible on the iPhone lock screen or the Dynamic Island feature on iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 15 models. The widget includes detailed information such as the current charge percentage and range, charge speed, the estimated time remaining until the charge is complete, and the set charge limit.

These updates can be conveniently accessed without the need to unlock the iPhone, offering a seamless integration between the vehicle and the smartphone.

Here are some screenshots of the widgets, courtesy of @RivianTrackr on X.

The app also includes additional features, such as advanced charging session graph data and the ability to change temperature, distance, and tire pressure units.

The latest version of the Rivian app, including these new features, is available for download on the iOS App Store.

There is no sign of these features coming to the Tesla mobile app, but hopefully now that Rivian has released these, it will give Tesla’s app developers the needed push to add these features soon.

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