Tesla offering discounts to Cybertruck reservation holders, but not for the Cybertruck

Tesla began deliveries of the Cybertruck yesterday, and to celebrate the company emailed reservation holders offering them a cash discount if they purchase a Model S, 3, X, or Y.

After a four year wait, 10 lucky customers were able to drive away from Giga Texas yesterday in their brand new Cybertruck. While no pricing information was announced by CEO Elon Musk during the event, the Tesla website was quickly updated with that information, along with news that deliveries for everyone else would start in 2024.

Tesla is obviously expecting it to take a while to work through that backlog, so in the interim the company is offering reservations holders a discount to buy another Tesla.

According to the email, which was sent out just after the livestream ended, customers who placed a Cybertruck reservation before November 30 can get C$1,350 or US$1,000 off the purchase or lease of any new Tesla vehicle. The only catch is the order must be placed before December 30, 2023.

email discount

While the long wait is one possible reason Tesla is offering this deal, along with trying to boost year-end sales, another possible reason is that the company is trying to convert those who might otherwise cancel their reservation after seeing the pricing announced yesterday.

Initially targeted at price points of US$39,990, US$49,990, and US$69,990, the four-year wait between the initial announcement and the start of deliveries, and everything that has happened between then, caused prices to increase substantially. The cheapest RWD variant, which won’t be available until 2025, starts at US$60,990 (52% higher), and the two that are available now, the Dual Motor and Tri-Motor, are priced at US$79,990 (+60%) and US$99,990 respectively (+42%).

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