Tesla Model Y was China’s best-selling premium SUV in 2022

Tesla sold a record number of cars in China last year. In the process, the Model Y became the best-selling SUV in the premium category. According to data from the China Passenger Car Association (CPCA), it outsold the second and third models combined.

The Model Y sold 315,314 units putting it at the top of the charts of cars costing over RMB 300,000. In second place was the Mercedez-Benz GLC, with 148,797 units. The Audi Q5 sold 145,778 units to clinch the third spot, while the BMW X3 did 140,991. The Li Auto Li One rounded up the top five at a distant 78,791.

The Model Y held on to the top position most of the year. It concluded 2022 with 29,837 units in December.

The top-selling SUV, regardless of segment, was the BYD Song, selling 478,811 units. It costs the equivalent of $26,000, making it more attractive to buyers. In contrast, the Model Y was almost double the price, making its overall second-place achievement even more remarkable. The Haval H6, selling for $25,000, came third, with 250,120 units.

Tesla has cut the price of the Model Y two times in the last three months, enough for some buyers to abandon competing brands. However, there have been rumors of dropping demand for Tesla cars. The company sold only 55,000 units in December, significantly less than the over 100,000 it delivered in November.

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