Thailand PM Hopes to Reach $5B Deal With Tesla

Thailand’s prime minister hopes to reach a $5 billion deal with Tesla to build a manufacturing facility in the country. Company managers arrived in Thailand to evaluate a possible location.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Sretta Thaweesin is trying to secure a major $5 billion investment deal with Tesla. In an exclusive interview with Nation Group on its ‘Nation Inside’ program, Sretta said efforts to attract global conglomerates to invest in Thailand have progressed over the past three months. He added that he has already traveled abroad several times to meet with country leaders and leading businessmen to facilitate cooperation between government and business. As part of this, the government signed many agreements.

Sretta reported that Tesla is ready to invest more than $5 billion in Thailand. Currently, a mission of second-level managers has arrived in the country to oversee Tesla’s investment plans. It will check locations for possible factories. The country will use this visit to showcase Thailand’s culture and traditions. The Prime Minister will personally accompany Tesla executives to the Yi Peng festival in Chiang Mai on November 27. He hopes that this will allow them to understand the traditional customs of Thailand, which is an important advantage for the country.

Currently, Tesla may be looking at building manufacturing facilities in several countries. The first location where the new factory will be built is expected to be Mexico. Here, Tesla has already received a building permit. However, at the moment, the company is in no hurry to begin construction due to the uncertain economic situation.

In addition, it is known that Tesla is in active negotiations with India regarding investing in the country. Indonesia was also expecting investment in construction, but negotiations on this have so far been paused. Earlier, Elon Musk mentioned that Tesla has taken a wait-and-see approach, since the geopolitical and economic situation in the world is currently unstable.

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