Tesla Model Y glass roof proves its strength in China after wall collapses on it

The Tesla Model Y is one of the safest cars ever tested, and despite many thinking that its glass roof is one of its weak points, it is actually extremely strong, as evidenced by a recent accident in China where a wall collapsed onto several cars, including a Model Y.

According to local reports a heavy rain storm caused the roadside wall to collapse, with photos and videos of the aftermath showing bricks and other debris strewn across the road. Although they are difficult to see due to extensive damage, several cars that were parked alongside the road were crushed by the falling wall, some beyond recognition, with one notable exception, the Model Y.

Despite the wall falling directly on top of the Model Y, the glass roof was able to withstand all of that weight and keep the cabin of the electric SUV largely in tact, protecting any occupants had there been in any at the time of the incident. That is in start contrast to the two unidentifiable vehicles parked directly behind it, which were flattened to only a few feet high.

This isn’t the first time the glass roof on the Model Y has shown off its impressive strength. An accident in Florida in 2021 saw a Model Y rear end another vehicle with such force that it ended up sitting on top of the electric SUV, with its wheels resting on the glass roof.

It isn’t just the Model Y that has a strong glass roof. In December 2019 a Model 3 in China found itself in a similar predicament with an SUV ending up on its roof. In another accident a concrete utility pole fell directly onto the glass roof, and it was all caught on camera.

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