Tesla Model 3 glass roof once again shows off incredible strength in accident

Despite winning numerous safety awards around the world and being the safest car in the world, many [uninformed] people still question the safety of Tesla’s all-glass roof on the Model 3. A multi-vehicle accident that happened Sunday in China is yet another example of just how strong the roof actually is.

Based on photos posted to Twitter by T☰SLA mania, the crash involved what appears to be a red Performance Model 3 being hit from several angles. In the aftermath of the accident, a Toyota Rav-4, which weighs well over 3,000lbs, can be seen sitting on the roof the Model 3. According to witnesses at the scene, the driver of the Model 3 was able to walk away from the accident, apparently unharmed.

The accident showcases just how safe the Model 3 is in that the cabin of the vehicle appears to be entirely intact, with the glass roof still supporting the weight of the Rav-4.

We saw another example earlier this year when a concrete pole fell directly onto the glass roof of a Model 3, but the driver and his young child were unharmed in the accident, which was all caught on the TeslaCam.

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