Tesla Model X and Model Y make it to Mount Everest’s base camp

Tesla cars are reaching new heights, and a pair consisting of a Model X and Model Y has made it to the remote Mount Everest base camp.

The highest mountain in the world has welcomed its first Tesla cars. It involved a Model X and Model Y that traveled 2,144 km from Chengdu to prove that electric cars could deliver as much as their ICE counterparts. The trip, arranged by a Chinese vlogger, Trensen Chongqing, and a friend, took five days and took the cars to an altitude of 17,060 ft.

Tesla China got in on the trip and posted a video of the two Tesla owners en route to Mount Everest.

The Model X and Model Y had to be modified to make the trip possible. They also relied on Tesla’s massive Supercharger network to keep the cars from running out of battery. The travelers slept in their vehicles with Camp Mode on instead of staying in a hotel.

Tesla China has installed more than 8,700 Superchargers in China in more than 1200 stations, many of which can be found in remote spots.

According to Tesla China’s video, the two men stopped to charge nine times, implying, on average, each charging session added 257 km.

Cars rarely get to Mount Everest’s base camp, as the altitude and elevation cause problems for gas-powered cars, making this achievement a big deal for new energy vehicles (NEVs). Tesla sold 78,000 cars in June 2022 in China.

You can watch the video below.


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