Tesla Model S Plaid Track Package sells out quickly

Tesla finally released the Track Package for the Model S Plaid on Friday, and despite its hefty price tag Plaid owners were quick to snap it up, with the package selling out over the weekend.

Tesla has been advertising the Track Package since late 2021, originally listing it as a ‘Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit,’ promising it would increase the electric sedan’s performance and unlock the 200mph (322km/h) top speed. However despite the original listing stating the package would be available in mid-2022, it took about a year longer for it to finally be released.

On Friday Plaid owners were able to place their order, but you had to have deep pockets in order to do so. Depending on whether you wanted to buy just the Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit, or the Zero-G wheels to go along with it, you had to pay nearly $28,000 in Canada or $20,000 in the US. That price tag, which is almost the equivalent of a Model 3 after tax incentives in the US, wasn’t a deterrent as the package is already sold out on the Tesla Shop.

The hefty price tag appears to be worth it if you frequently take your Model S Plaid to race track. Over the weekend Tesla announced a Plaid equipped with the Track Package had reclaimed the EV lap record at the Nürburgring, taking the prize away from the Porsche Taycan. Not only did the Plaid set the new EV lap record, it did so convincingly, eclipsing the Taycan’s time by more than 8 seconds.

It also appears to unlock a top speed much higher than the 200mph Tesla says it does. Frequent Tesla test driver Sebastian Vittel (not Vettel) was one of the first to try out a Model S Plaid with the Track Package, and was able to reach a top speed of 217mph (350km/h) at the Circuit de Bresse in France.

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