Tesla Model S Plaid gets European Certificate of Conformity with higher top speed and tow hitch as standard

Tesla Model S Plaid reservation holders in Europe will soon be assigned delivery dates as the high performance electric sedan has received its Certificate of Conformity (Coc). The CoC is a document that certifies the compliance of a vehicle with European standards and is needed before deliveries can begin.

While the CoC is certainly good news for reservation holders that have been waiting almost two years for their new cars, when it does finally arrive it will be with improved specs compared to the same vehicle being delivered in North America.

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According to the a copy of the CoC shared on the TFF forum, the top speed of the Model S Plaid in Europe will be 300km/h, or 186mph. (h/t: @tesla_adri)

That is higher than the top speed listed for Canadian and US Model S Plaid cars, which can reach 262km/h (163mph) in their stock configuration, but can go as high as 281km/h (175mph) with the optional Track Mode enabled.

If that top speed isn’t enough for you, the CoC also shows that it can be increased to 322km/h (200mph) with the optional Carbon Ceramic Brake Kit. The $27,5000 CAD ($20,000 USD) accessory was added to the online shop last year, but still isn’t available for purchase.

That should change soon as the Tesla Shop says it will be available in Fall 2022.

Not only will the Model S Plaid be extremely quick, European owners will also be able to tow trailers with it. The CoC states the Plaid will come with a factory-installed tow hitch with a 1,600kg (3,500lb) towing capacity and a 100kg (220lb) tongue weight.

Unfortunately this option isn’t available for Plaid owners in Canada or the US, and likely won’t be offered this side of the pond. The same situation happened with the Model 3 which had an optional tow hitch in Europe, but not in North America.

Here are the full CoC documents.



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