New Tesla Supercharger in London, Ontario now online [Update]

UPDATE: Matthew Beard on Twitter notified us that he tried charging there tonight too, but was kicked off. It appears that much like many of the Superchargers that have come online recently across Canada, they may still be testing this one. It is now offline.

UPDATE 2, March 24: The Superchargers are back online. Tesla London on Twitter posted these photos showing his Model 3 and another Model S getting a charge this evening.

London, Ontario has been waiting for their new Supercharger station to be turned on for quite a while. Construction was completed over 2 months ago when the cabinets were installed, but has been at a standstill since.

Now tonight they are finally up and running. TMC member 00kevin posted these photos of his Model 3 Supercharging at the site. Unfortunately his pictures don’t show the charging rate, only that his charging session had 20 minutes remaining.

The new Supercharger station, located at 4350 Wellington Rd S, features 12 stalls with the latest V3 Superchargers. That means Tesla vehicles can charge at a rate of up to 250kW, or about 1,600km/hr at peak rates.

The most recent Superchager that has opened across Canada was the 20 stall site in Richmond, BC which opened in late January. Also in BC, the new Abbotsford Supercharger located at High Street Mall has completed construction, and is just waiting for the final go ahead to turn the power on.

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