Tesla iPhone app gets update giving you the ability to purchase upgrades in the app

To seemingly coincide with the new ‘Acceleration Boost’ upgrade available for dual motor Model 3 owners that was released today, Tesla has also updated their iPhone app.

The new version, 3.10.3, now gives you the ability to purchase upgrades for your Tesla right through the app. There are two tabs in the Upgrade section of the app, with the ‘Purchased’ tab showing you any upgrades you have already purchased, like Basic Autopilot. There is also an ‘Eligible’ tab showing you any upgrades available for your vehicle, like Full Self-Driving (FSD). Since I have a SR+, the Acceleration Boost option is not available for my vehicle.

One other minor update that we have noticed so far is in the ‘Climate’ section of the app, where the button to turn on/off the climate controls is now much larger and fills the bottom of the screen.

In the previous update to the app, the ability to see your charging percent or km on the charging screen was added. Have you noticed any other new features in the app? Let us know in the comments below.

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