Tesla Insurance to launch in Oregon and Virginia


After launching in Ohio and Arizona in January, Tesla Insurance is looking to expand next into Oregon and Virginia.

According to reporting by Forbes, the policies in Oregon and Virginia will be underwritten by Tesla General Insurance for the first time.

Currently, Tesla Insurance provides coverage to owners in Arizona, Ohio, Texas, Illinois and California.

However, in these states, Tesla uses a third party as their underwriter.

This move to expand for Tesla Insurance is not a surprise.

On the Q4 2021 earnings call, Tesla confirmed their goal was to expand their insurance services so that 80 per cent of US Tesla customers could buy their auto insurance from the company.

Tesla sets the insurance rate of its driver from a person’s real-time driving behaviour. This is slightly different from other insurance companies that use credit, driving records and other factors to set the rate.

Tesla provides a user score on a 0-100 scale and is available to the driver in real-time. However, California drivers are unable to take advantage of the feature due to current regulations.

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