Tesla Megapacks for 100MW/200MWh Chinchilla Battery Already Installed

Chinchilla Battery
Image: CS Energy

A total of 80 Tesla Megapacks have already been installed for CS Energy’s 100 MW/200 MWh Chinchilla Battery. The $150 million project, which is able to power 33,000 homes during the evening peak for two hours, is in the testing and commissioning phase.

Installations of large battery systems for energy storage continue to gain momentum. Australia has become one of the most favorable bases for the development of such projects. The next battery system has already been installed and will soon be put into operation. The Chinchilla Battery is a $150 million project to add an on-grid battery to CS Energy‘s Cogan Creek site near Chinchilla in the Western Downs. Large-scale batteries are an important next step in creating a more flexible and diversified energy portfolio for CS Energy and Queenslanders.

In total 80 Tesla Megapacks were used for the project. The Chinchilla battery will have a discharge power of 100 megawatts and a battery capacity of 200 megawatt-hours. It will be able to power 33,000 homes during the evening peak for two hours before requiring recharging. Commissioning of the system is planned for early 2024. The Chinchilla battery is currently in the testing and commissioning phase. This Tesla Megapack battery is the first project at the Kogan Clean Energy Hub. Here, CS Energy is also building the Kogan renewable hydrogen production demonstration plant.

Batteries like this are expected to play an increasingly important role in Australia’s power grid. They can quickly respond to a sudden power outage on the grid, which helps reduce wholesale price volatility. Such battery systems have repeatedly proven their reliability in the country. In addition, batteries support the increased use of renewable energy. They charge in the middle of the day, when there is often a surplus of solar energy, and then release it during the evening peak period.

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