Tesla installs 2,000th Supercharger stall in Norway

Tesla has reached another milestone in the expansion of its Supercharger network, this time in Norway, with the company celebrating the recent installation the 2,000th stall in the Nordic country.

Tesla announced the milestone on the social media platform X, through the official Tesla Charging account, which has been relatively quiet as of late following the layoffs that affected the Supercharging team.

Along with the announcement, Tesla also shared some photos of the Supercharger post itself, which is adorned in a vinyl wrap with the Nordic flag, with a marker noting it as the 2,000th stall.

Unlike the recent announcement of the 50,000th stall in the world, Tesla shared the location of this stall, saying it is near Vøringsfossen, the best-known waterfall in Norway.

This isn’t the first time Tesla had added a commemorative decal to mark a significant Supercharger stall. Back in March Tesla celebrated the 500th Supercharger stall in Denmark, which also featured a flag decal.

As we noted, Tesla also celebrated the 50,000th stall in the world earlier this year. Tesla also announced the significant moment on X, but made a game out of it, only sharing a picture of the Ultra Red Supercharger post, and inviting owners to try and figure out where it was. It didn’t take long, and it was quickly determined to be in Roseville, California.

Canada also recently reached two Supercharger milestones. Last year the 2,000th stall in Canada opened in Mississauga, while earlier this year the 200th Canadian station opened in Grimsby, Ontario.

Unfortunately neither the 2,000th stall, nor the 200th station, received any special decals or markers.

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