Tesla in discussions with Thailand for new Gigafactory

Tesla is reportedly in discussions with government officials to establish a new production facility in Thailand.

If it comes to fruition, the proposed Tesla facility could potentially manufacture electric vehicles (EVs) or batteries, with the government offering to power the facility with 100% green energy, according to Supakorn Congsomjit, an official from the prime minister’s office. (via Reuters)

As we told you about last year, the discussions between Tesla and Thai government officials have gone so far as to include a site survey conducted by Tesla late last year. The Thai government is seeking to attract Tesla as part of a broader effort by the country to transition towards sustainable transportation solutions.

Tesla’s interest in Thailand is driven by several factors, including the country’s established automotive manufacturing industry and its strategic location in Southeast Asia. For Thailand, a Tesla Gigafactory could significantly boost the country’s status as an EV production hub and attract further investments from the global automotive industry.

Thailand, known as one of Southeast Asia’s largest car producers and exporters, has already attracted over $1.44 billion in investment commitments from Chinese EV producers.

Tesla launched vehicles sales in Thailand in late 2022, offering the Model 3 and Model Y for sale in the country for the first time. Interest in Tesla’s most popular vehicles was strong, with the first deliveries taking place in early 2023.

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