Tesla improves Trip Planner in latest app update

Tesla released a new version of their mobile app on the iOS App Store on Monday, version 4.22.0, and while the release notes mention only minor fixes and improvements, the update included a noteworthy improvement to the Trip Planner.

The trip planner was first added to the mobile app back in April, and essentially mimics the navigation tool found in your vehicle, with a few improvements like being able to set the starting location to be different than where you vehicle is currently located, and the ability to customize the starting battery percentage. Since it was only released in April and because it is not easy to find in the app (Location > Navigate), not many people know about it, which is why we featured it on our Friday’s Tesla tip on Twitter.

Now you can customize your trip planning even more with the addition of being able to set your arrival or departure time. When setting a departure time, each charging stop now also displays what time you will arrive at each Supercharger along the route. Alternatively when setting an arrival time for your final destination, the tool works backwards and calculates when you need to leave your departure point to arrive at your specified day and time.

In the example below, if we want to arrive at Giga Texas at 3:00pm on Monday June 26, the app tells us we need to leave Tesla’s Global Engineering Headquarters in Palo Alto at 12:09am on June 25.

That’s all we have been able to spot in this update. If you see anything else that is new, let us know in the comments below.

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