Tesla App 4.20.69 Release Notes

The Tesla App’s 4.20.69 is finally here, bringing some significant improvements to the app, including Trip Planning, which we were not expecting.

Trip Planning

Yes, we finally have trip planning in the Tesla App that can be forwarded to your vehicle. You can add multiple destinations, and charging stops with ease. The default is your vehicle’s current charge level and location, but you can also edit this to a different location or charge level.


Chargers Available

The Tesla App now allows you to tap and hold on a Supercharger to see the estimated chargers available at a given location. Although it does not include exact numbers, it will provide users with three estimates:

  • Most Chargers Available
  • Some Chargers Available
  • Most Chargers in Use

Tesla Insurance Claims

For US-based customers, you can now schedule a service for a Tesla Insurance claim via the app.

Phone Key Improvements

With this latest release, Phone Key pairing will no longer require the Key Card to complete.

Thanks to the great people at Not a Tesla App for their continued work documenting every single release note for us to dig into.

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