Tesla “hoping” to release FSD Beta in Canada this weekend: Elon Musk

With just 3 days left in the month, Tesla owners in Canada were starting to think Elon Musk wasn’t going to be able to deliver Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta in February as promised.

However, there is a chance it will happen before the calendar rolls over into March.

Responding to a tweet from Drive Tesla this morning, Musk said he is “hoping” to release FSD Beta north of the border this weekend.

The one remaining question is how Tesla is going to determine who gets the software. Musk has previously said it will be a cautious rollout, so the first batch of cars to receive it will likely be a relatively small number.

Although he has yet to confirm it, Musk’s tweet also suggests FSD Beta will be deployed in Canada without the use of the Safety Score.

When Tesla widened the group of testers in the US last year, owners had to drive for 7 days and achieve a perfect 100 Safety Score before being allowed to download the software.

The tweet also confirms our earlier reporting that Tesla has been testing FSD Beta in Canada internally with employees.

Musk said there are “about 60 or so cars” with the software, but according to Transport Canada, the actual number is 68, just one away from one of his favourite numbers.

Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta arrives in Canada (through Pennsylvania) and works just as well as in the U.S.

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