Tesla Giga Berlin To Host Information Event on Upcoming Expansion

Tesla has invited interested parties in Grünheide to an information event at Giga Berlin. The manufacturer will speak to the advantages and disadvantages of the planned expansion of the factory.

The event, which will take place this Sunday, will mark the end of a series of five information events for residents of communities near Giga Berlin. Tesla wants to build a freight station, logistics and warehouse facilities, and a daycare center on land next to the factory premises. To do this, the trees that were part of the pine plantation located on this territory must be cut down. The manufacturer is committed to educating local residents about the impact of the expansion of Giga Berlin.

Almost one year ago, the Grünheide municipal council voted by a majority to support a new development plan. Since then, a lot of necessary steps have been taken to determine whether the expansion can be carried out. A decision by members of the public is scheduled for the second quarter of this year. After this, the state parliament’s finance committee must approve the sale of the state forestry.

Among other things, the information event in Giga Berlin is intended to prepare for a survey of residents about the development plan, which starts on January 15. Although the result of the survey, which will last one month, will not be legally binding, Tesla is concerned about informing local residents. The goal is to enable residents to make informed decisions.

Representatives from Deutsche Bahn, the State Road Agency, the Brandenburg State Agency, and the Oder-Spree district also registered for the event at the Tesla factory. Representatives from Giga Berlin will also talk about the reforestation of the area, planned public bike paths, and plans around the Fangschleuse train station.

Tesla sees a significant benefit for the region if the expansion plan is approved. For example, freight traffic would be significantly reduced if a freight station were built. This will result in at least 1,000 trucks being taken off the road. Tesla hopes that all measures can be completed by 2026.

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