Tesla Giga Berlin Offers Job Placement Program for Veterans

Tesla Giga Berlin offers a job placement program for veterans. The first participants in the program will begin work in areas such as logistics, maintenance, and security.

Tesla is the largest employer in Brandenburg, as it employs more than 11,000 people. The company welcomes people from a variety of backgrounds, with and without experience, and offers training opportunities. Giga Berlin also keeps its doors open to veterans. For several months now, the manufacturer has been offering members of the Bundeswehr in Germany vacancies at the factory after their service ends. Now the first retired soldiers under a special program will begin working at Giga Berlin. At RND‘s request, a Tesla spokesperson said the first 20 participants will now begin working at Tesla.

The company said about 50 military personnel are in the active recruitment process. Several hundred soldiers were enrolled in an employment program designed specifically for military personnel. Some are still in service but will consider Tesla as a possible employer after their service ends, the spokesperson said.

The first participants in the program will begin work in areas such as logistics, maintenance, and security. The announcement of the program highlights the “special skills and way of thinking” of Bundeswehr members. The company expects applicants to have structured work, the ability to work in a team, independence in work, and knowledge of English.

Tesla launched its so-called military transition program for Giga Berlin in November 2022. The company is collaborating with the Bundeswehr’s career development service. The spokesperson said the company is also present at Bundeswehr job fairs throughout Germany. According to the description, the program is aimed at militaries of all backgrounds, ranks, and experience. When starting work, Tesla provides new employees with a “buddy” who also previously transferred to the company from the Bundeswehr.

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