Tesla Giga Berlin Is the Envy of All Europe, Says PM Woidke

Tesla Giga Berlin has confirmed its commitment to development in Brandenburg, despite the recent attack by an extremist group. State Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke praised this, saying that Tesla’s factory in Brandenburg is the envy of all of Europe.

In early March, Giga Berlin was attacked by Vulcan group. The factory, as well as several nearby settlements, were deprived of electricity. Both businesses and local communities were harmed. After the attack, Elon Musk visited Giga Berlin and also met with local officials. He expressed his commitment to the place and confirmed the development plan in Brandenburg.

State Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke defended Tesla’s plans in the state parliament, where the overall situation was discussed. He said the company is an important part of the state’s strong economy. The Prime Minister emphasized that because of Tesla’s presence, all of Europe is jealous of Brandenburg.

“Anyone who wants a strong economy in our country, which in turn is the basis for our good development, must recognize that Tesla is an important part of it. That is why I am grateful to Tesla for making a clear commitment to the Grünheide site even after the terrorist attack,” he said at the state parliament in Potsdam, according to heise.de. “All the other federal states and all of Europe are still jealous of this settlement.”

After the arson, Musk visited Giga Berlin. He said to the employees in a large tent on the factory grounds: “They can’t stop us,” and in German, “I love you.”

During his speech in the Potsdam, Woidke criticized “increasingly aggressive forms of protest” and, in addition to Tesla, also mentioned attacks in recent years, for example at the Schwarze Pumpe power plant and the PCK oil refinery in Schwedt. “Attacks on our economy are attacks on all of us,” the official said. “We cannot tolerate such things,” he added. Woidke called for greater openness to business investment and the creation of favorable conditions for this.

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