Tesla Gift Card with some familiar predefined amounts added to Tesla Shop

Just in time for the holiday season, Tesla has added a Gift Card to their online store, that unfortunately is only available in the United States for now.

The Tesla Shop Gift Card is available in predefined amounts, two of which might seem familiar and should come as no surprise – $69 and $420.

You can also specify a custom dollar amount, which can be used towards any product currently available on the Tesla Shop.

gift card
Credit: Tesla

In keeping with the company’s sustainable goals, the gift cards are digital and delivered directly to the owner’s Tesla Account. You can even add an optional message to be delivered with the card.

According to the terms, you can purchase up to four gift cards per order, with each card having a $500 limit, up to a maximum of $2,000 per order.

The terms also specify the gift cards are only redeemdable on the US Tesla Shop, leaving Canada out in the cold once again.

Can I use my Tesla Gift Card outside of the US Tesla Shop?
No. Tesla Gift Cards are only purchasable and redeemable through the US Tesla Shop. Tesla Gift Cards cannot be redeemed in Canada, Europe or Asia Tesla Shop sites.

You can purchase yours here.

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