Tesla FSD subscription coming to Canada “in a few weeks“

Tesla owners in Canada will hopefully be able to subscribe to Full Self-Driving (FSD) later this month. The option will launch in Canada in the next few weeks, nearly 3 years after it first became available in the US.

Last month we told you that Tesla was looking into whether there were any legal barriers in bringing the subscription to Canada. A few weeks later and there is a positive update.

According to Tesla’s Vice President, Public Policy and Business Development Rohan Patel, the team is making progress and “barring any setbacks,” FSD subscriptions should launch in Canada “in the coming weeks.”

The last piece of the puzzle is pricing. The FSD subscription costs $199 in the US, so we should expect somewhere around $270 per month when it arrives north of the border.

For that price you will get access to all of the features in the FSD suite, which costs $16,000 in Canada. The benefit to subscribing is of course the lower cost, but that you can use the feature on a month to month basis and unsubscribe at any time.

The other Canadian subscription that Patel said he would look into last month was an annual subscription to Premium Connectivity. No update was given for that today, but from what we’ve been told it is being worked on, but less of a priority than getting the FSD subscription up and running in Canada.

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