Tesla FSD Beta takes on the deadliest road in America

Educational YouTuber and Podcaster CGP Grey tested out Tesla’s FSD Beta on the deadliest road in America.

The video showcases the Youtuber testing out the software on Route 129, the Tail of the Dragon which goes through Deals Gap.

The Tail of the Dragon is an infamous road in America between North Carolina and Tennessee. US 129 is so notorious that a Tree of Shame at its entrance showcases parts of cars that had accidents on the road.

The road is twisting and features 318 curves and many blind corners on the 11-mile route. The route is so dangerous that an ambulance sits at the exit of the road during the day to save time as it is nearly an hour to the nearest hospital.

However, most accidents happen after-hours as drivers push the limits of their cars and the road. In addition, trucks are banned from the road due to the dangers it presents.

As per the video, someone previously attempted to drive the Tail of the Dragon with FSD but they needed to intervene in the first corner.

However, FSD prevailed on the Model 3, and although it was a little close to the white line on left-hand turns, CGP Grey never had to jump in and intervene. Impressive, to say the least.

You can check out the full video here

Or for the full unedited version, you can check out the video here:

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