Tesla FSD Beta 10.10 release notes leak ahead of official release [2021.44.30.15]

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta software has been in headlines today after the NTHSA issued a “recall” for the rolling stop functionality, first introduced in October 2020.

According to the recall notice, Tesla will remove the functionality in the 2021.44.30.15 software update. Wasting no time, Tesla released it to the Early Access Program (EAP) earlier today.

The update not only includes the removal of ‘rolling stop’, it surprisingly also includes the next version of FSD Beta, v10.10.

According to a screenshot of the release notes that have leaked ahead of the wide release, the update includes a number of improvements related to scenarios involving intersections.

One such improvement is to improve the “handling of flashing red light traffic controls by adding more caution for events where crossing vehicles may not stop.”

You can check out the full release notes below. (via @WholeMarsBlog)

2021.44.30.15 Release Notes

  • Smoother fork maneuvers and turn-lane selection using high fidelity trajectory improvements.
  • Disabled rolling-stop functionality in all FSD Profiles. This behaviour used to allow the vehicle to roll through all-way-stop intersections, but only when several conditions were met, including: vehicle speed less than 5.6 mph, no relevant objects/pedestrians/bicyclists detected, sufficient visibility and all entering roads at the intersection have speed limits below 30mph.
  • Improved generalized static object network by 4% using improved ground truth trajectories.
  • Improved smoothness when stopping for crossing objects at intersections by modeling soft and hard constraints to better represent urgency of the slowdown.
  • Enabled lane changing into an oncoming lane to maneuver around static obstacles, when safe to do so.
  • Improved smoothness for merge handling by enforcing more consistency with previous cycle’s speed control decisions.
  • Improved handling of flashing red light traffic controls by adding more caution for events where crossing vehicles may not stop.
  • Improved right of way understanding at intersections with better modelling of intersection extents.
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