Tesla finally launches new Tire Repair Kit

Tesla has released a brand new Tire Repair Kit on its online shop on Tuesday, more than two years after the company first said it would be releasing a new version.

All the way back in September 2021 Tesla pulled the Tire Repair Kit from the online shop, cancelling existing orders and refunding customers. At the time Tesla said in an email to customers that supply shortages were to blame for the sudden cancellation, but added that a new version was going to be released “in several months.”

As Tesla is known to do when it comes to timelines, no new version appeared in the months ahead. Instead, over the next few years the old version was occasionally added back to the online shop, only to be pulled again after supplies were depleted.

Today that cycle was broken and the new version was finally released. According to the product listing on the Tesla Shop, the Tire Repair Kit includes an air compressor, a storage bag, and a bottle of sealant capable of fixing tread punctures up to 6mm in diameter. The compressor is powered by your vehicle’s 12V port and can reach a max pressure of 80 PSI with a 25 L/min flow rate at 0 PSI.

The compressor also includes a digital display where you can also set the desired level of pressure for your tire.

Tesla does warn that this Tire Repair Kit is only suitable for emergency use, and that you should seek professional tire repair after using the kit for a temporary fix.

The new Tire Repair Kit also comes with a new price. The old version cost $75 in Canada or $60 in the US, but the new version is more than twice that amount, priced at $175 in Canada $125 in the US.

Canada – link to buy
USA – link to buy

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