Rivian R1T more loved than Ford trucks, Strategy Vision’s Most Loved Vehicle Awards reveals why

Many Rivian R1T owners love their trucks, earning the EV the most loved truck award in America from Strategic Vision. The battery-powered pickup truck beat other trucks to emerge the winner, including the iconic Ford trucks. The award organizers explain R1T owners are fond of the truck due to multiple factors, including its towing capacity, off-road capabilities, and interior quality.

Strategic Vision is a research company that uses natural language used by owners to describe their feelings on their experiences with their vehicles. The company claims this should make car manufacturers and other stakeholders in the automotive industry pay attention to its results due to the consumer insight they could gather.

Strategy Vision also lauds the success of Rivian’s customer experience, something other automakers could learn from.

Ryan Ruiz, Strategic Vision analyst, commented, “With current economic struggles, close attention should be paid to what vehicle younger buyers Love and can afford to purchase, such as the Hyundai Kona and how it provides owners with a small wealth of impactful features. Understanding why the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport elicits the feelings it does will help automotive manufacturers communicate more effectively to potential future customers resulting in increased sales, market share, and stock value.”

Rivian is working to make the R1T even better through over-the-air (OTA) software updates. The company recently released an update that improved the driving range of both the R1T and the R1S. The company is also working on an entirely new product; electric bikes.

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