Tesla extends 3 month FSD trial for HW4 owners

Tesla owners who purchased their Hardware 4.0 (HW4) equipped Model S, Model X, or Model Y with a referral code are seeing the free trial of Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta extended beyond the initial three month trial period.

Since early July Tesla has been offering a referral award to buyers of a cash discount and a free three month trial of FSD Beta. While the three month trial might sound simple enough, that wasn’t the case if you were buying a car equipped with HW4. That’s because Tesla hadn’t yet developed a version of FSD Beta to work with the new hardware, and that didn’t change until the end of August, more than two months after the promotion began.

That left these owners with, at most, a little over a month trial of FSD Beta, when it should have been three. Many of these owners have been asking for Tesla to revisit the promotional period, and it looks like they have listened to the feedback.

Tesla has started sending out emails to these owners informing them they another full three months of FSD Beta on their cars. Model S owner Dan Burkland received one of these emails on Tuesday night, with the email explaining his trial will begin on September 26 and expire on December 26, 2023. Burkland took delivery of his Ultra Red Model S in July.

It appears as though Tesla had started extending the trials even before sending out the emails, with owners reporting on social media their expiry date in their vehicle was automatically updating.

Was your free FSD trial extended? Let us know in the comments below.

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